About Migr8

Migr8 is a migration tool that has been crafted by Techdio ApS, aimed at facilitating a smooth transition from an existing on-premises Dynamics 365 CRM setup to Dynamics 365 Online or Power Apps.

Migr8, a pioneering product by Techdio ApS, stands as a beacon in the realm of CRM migration services. Designed to uncomplicate the transition from OnPremise setups to Dynamics 365 Online or Power Apps, it's more than just a tool—it's a comprehensive solution tailored for both partners and end-users alike.

With Migr8, the intricacies of data migration become a thing of the past. Its capability to provide a seamless 1:1 data migration ensures data integrity and consistency.

Beyond just its technical prowess, Migr8 elevates user experience by offering fixed-price service options, ensuring transparency and predictability in costs.

Whether you're a partner aiming for smoother operations or a direct customer looking for a hassle-free transition, Migr8 is geared to make your migration journey efficient and straightforward.

Data migration is a nuanced challenge that many companies often misjudge, both in terms of potential pitfalls and the time required. The process is intricate, demanding meticulous planning, execution, and deep knowledge of CRM data structures. .

Surprisingly, over 80% of migrations executed via third-party tools (Scribe, KingswaySoft, Power Automate etc.) often miss critical elements. These omissions can precipitate multiple rounds of migration, extending project timelines and delaying go-live dates.

Recognizing this prevalent issue, we at Techdio developed Migr8 - a service that prioritizes automation. With Migr8, data mappings between Dynamics 365 instances are seamlessly automated, guaranteeing no detail is missed.

After migration, our clients test thoroughly. If issues emerge, we resolve them. Once testing is approved, we set a go-live date and finalize with a "Delta" sync, capturing any data changes since the initial move.

Handling data migration is often intricate and demands significant time and resources. Without the right tools, like Migr8, projects can face heightened costs and complexities—especially when dealing with cascading data, look-ups, related data, attachments, and more. Such complexities not only add to the project's challenges but also increase the associated risks.

Migr8 streamlines this intricate process, ensuring a seamless and risk-free data migration. Our advanced tool autonomously detects all fields, maps them, and identifies related data, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Plus, Migr8 operates in parallel, allowing your on-premise system to function without disruption.

After the complete migration and thorough testing, scheduling a go-live delta load becomes a breeze—typically executed over weekends.

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Around the world, Microsoft partners trust Techdio to manage the Data Migration of their customers’ OnPremise CRM solutions to Dynamics 365 or Power Apps.
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The power of migrating to the cloud

Access cutting-edge technology, control costs, and improve IT productivity by migrating to the cloud. Increase collaboration and productivity. Bring all your data together. Improve security, privacy, SLA while freeing up your IT resources.


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Businesses claimed they saw improvement in access, security, privacy, and SLA after switching to the cloud


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Customer stories from start-up to enterprise

Take a look at what our customers say — and please don't hesitate to contact us.

Boehringer Ingelheim Danmark A/S

We hired Techdio ApS to assist with our Microsoft CRM migration project. The team has been excellent helping us understand the whole process and what was needed from our side. Once everything was agreed, Techdio migrated our whole system 1:1 in just 8 days. The migration process was straight forward without any complications.

We went from old on-premise CRM system to a brand-new Online system. Everything was migrated and even quick guides were created for users. Techdio are a highly skilled team, they have strong technical expertise and understand the business. I would definitely recommend them.

Mogens Jakobsen, Business Excellence Manager Nordics, Boehringer Ingelheim Danmark A/S


Techdio offers a fixed price Migration service which helps customers Migrate all their data and customizations to the Cloud. In Martin Krohn words: “The Migration service offered from Techdio was spot on and was easy to say yes to” Looking isolated to the migration process, data (Delta 1) and the customization was migrated within 4 weeks (Database size appx 50GB).

“The engaged team managed the task in satisfying way. We had some minor issues with updating Outlook Clients which was solved quickly (and essentially not part of the offered Migr8 service). Reflecting back, If you are using Microsoft CRM OnPremise and you want to Migrate to CRM Online in an effortless way, I can hereby give my best recommendations for the work team Techdio completed in relation to our Migration project.

Martin Krohn, Manager Architect Division, ASSA ABLOY.

3 Denmark

3 Denmark is an innovative telecomuunication and internet service provider, operating under the global Hi3G brand, always first to introduce new services to their customers.

When 3 started to use Microsoft CRM, they only had the onPremise deployment option. Today however, since Microsoft shift towards Online first policy, Cloud is a much more common and popular deploytment choice, with unmatched advantages over OnPremise deployment.

“The fixed price Migr8 service meant that we had very low risk and no excuses to further delay migration. When we discovered that their service included migration of all data (Delta 1 + Delta 2) as well as all customization, it was very easy to say yes thanks. ” Techdio managed the task in a very satisfactory way. It did not take long to migrate all data and customization, and today we are very pleased with their efforts. We had great communication throughout the process, which led to a successful migration project. If you are in the same situation and considering or planning to switch to CRM online, you can safely trust Migr8 from Techdio ”.

Philip Jørgensen, Business Data Manager at 3

Did you know...

Properly Implemented CRM Systems Commonly Yield a 245% ROI This statistic from Forrester Research is impressive.

When businesses take the right steps to a proper CRM | implementation, from selecting the right partner, to clearly define their goals, to assembling the right project team, and other key steps, they can reach the full potential of even 500% at the enterprise-level with CRM and CRM apps.

Most businesses have their CRM system up and running in as little as four months with the right CRM system and partner.

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