ASSA ABLOY is the global leader and one of the most innovative suppliers of total door opening solutions.

ASSA ABLOY have been using Microsoft CRM onPremise for quite some time, however they wanted to remove the IT burden off from their shoulders. They decided to move their current CRM OnPremise organization to Dynamics365 online. Both IT and Business had however their concerns as their current organization contains many customization and custom solutions adding further complexity to the Migration project.

Martin Krohn, Manager Architect Division says “When you have been running a CRM software for a while, you develop it to meet your business needs. Today CRM is not just CRM it is the backbone for many internal and external operations. with integrations to other apps.”

The company had two main concerns.

  1. Will Dynamics365 be able to embrace all their customizations?
  2. Small budget – Complex task – Solution to migrate both data and customizations?

Martin Krohn: “After some initial tests we got confirmed that our customizations are compatible with Dynamics365. We took the next step and started to search the market for OnPremise to Online Migration solutions. After investing some time and evaluating solutions, we came to the conclusion that the Migration process contained some complexity which needed to be managed thus making it exceed our budget”

Techdio offers a fixed price Migration service which helps customers Migrate all their data and customizations to the Cloud. In Martin Krohn words: “The Migration service offered from Techdio was spot on and was easy to say yes to” Looking isolated to the migration process, data (Delta 1) and the customization was migrated within 4 weeks (Database size appx 50GB).

“The engaged team managed the task in satisfying way. We had some minor issues with updating Outlook Clients which was solved quickly (and essentially not part of the offered Migr8 service). Reflecting back, If you are using Microsoft CRM OnPremise and you want to Migrate to CRM Online in an effortless way, I can hereby give my best recommendations for the work team Techdio completed in relation to our Migration project.

Martin Krohn, Manager Architect Division, ASSA ABLOY.