3 Denmark

3 Denmark is an innovative telecomuunication and internet service provider, operating under the global Hi3G brand, always first to introduce new services to their customers.

When 3 started to use Microsoft CRM, they only had the onPremise deployment option. Today however, since Microsoft shift towards Online first policy, Cloud is a much more common and populer deploytment choice, with unmatched advantages over OnPremise deployment.

3 has for some time been considering to make the switch to the cloud. However, bringing over complete data and customizations from an On-Premise to Online seemed to be a difficult task.

Philip Jørgensen, Business Data Manager at 3:
“We wanted to tap into the latest innovation from the R&D provided by Microsoft, since Microsoft introduces all new functionality to the cloud first. In order to maintain an competative edge we belive that the winners of tomorrow will be those who can move fast and exploit the power of technology to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

The challenge for us however was the fact that Microsoft does not allow for a direct import of your Dynamics CRM OnPremise database to Dynamics CRM Online Servers. With a database size over 100GB, containing many custom entities and other business process tailored customizations, this complicated the shift. We had to wait until we found the right approach, despite of we had the desire to stay updated with the latest CRM Online and utilizing the newest technology.”

Migr8 is a fixed price valuable service and the reason why 3 made the shift to CRM Online.

Philip Jørgensen: “The fixed price Migr8 service provided by Techdio, meant that we had very low risk and no excuse to further delay the shift. When we learned that their service included migration of all data (Delta 1 + Delta 2) and all customization, it was very easy to say yes to.”

“The team managed the task in a very satisfying way. It didn’t take long to migrate all data and customization and we are today very pleased with their effort. We had a good communication throughout the course which led to a successful migration project.”

“If you are considering an effortless shift to CRM online, then you can rely on Migr8 from Techdio A/S.”

Philip Jørgensen, Business Data Manager at 3