Why Migr8

Why Migr8
Why Migr8 2021-02-18T10:36:33+00:00

An CRM OnPremise to Online project in most cases consist of the following four pillars:

  • Migration of Data
    The most complicated and time-consuming task. Without Migr8 the investment is much higher and not having the logic in place beforehand (cascading, look ups etc.) adds more complexity and risk to the Project. Migr8 simplifies this complex step and ensures an effortless datamigration at no risk. It also includes delta2 migration at no additional cost.
  • Migration of Customizations
    The second pillar in the migration process is planning how to move your Customizations to CRM Online. If your OnPremise CRM version is 2015 or 2016, the task is simple. Export all your customizations as a solution and import the solution to CRM online. If your current CRM is older than 2015, in order to export a solution you need to upgrade your CRM before migrating to online.
  • Managing extensions, reports, plugins, unsupported code etc.
    This is probably true specially if you are running an older version of CRM OnPremise. However regardless verison you always need to be sure that your extensions, reports, plugins, Jscripts are compatible with Dynamics365.
  • Migration of 3. party solutions
    Most CRM customers have some kind of 3. party solutions. Most ISV suppliers today provide a managed solution to Dynamics365 which can be easily imported into the online environment.